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About Us

Amcon through support from communities collects surplus healthcare supplies and equipments, medical equipments, and humanitarian provisions. We will come to your storage facility and remove your surplus equipments/ Inventory at no cost. Each item is properly cleaned, diagnosed, repaired, painted, and thoroughly tested before being re-used. A small fraction of items that are successfully refurbished will be resold to meet the Company's Logistic Management. We also do collect CPU'S, Printers, Scanners, Mice, and Misc at no cost whatsoever. Items that have reached end-of-life and cannot be repaired/refurbished are properly dismantled for recycling, hence preventing huge amounts of toxic materials such as Lead and Phosphorous (found within a monitor's cathode ray tube) reaching our Landfills. On a case basis, depending on the amount of items being removed from a customer's storage facility, a small fee may however apply on the removal of electronic items. Amcon is also a source of all your surplus Electronic and Computer recycling. We offer a solution for secure Data destruction and E-Waste handling through DOD-and-NIST compliant data destruction as well as EPA compliant e-waste disposal and recycling. Upon completion, a Certificate of Destruction confirming proper disposal of all your electronic waste is issued.